About Us

We seek to educate, empower, edify, and encourage the Christian believer and the world at large.


Our vision is to accomplish this by providing powerful media presentations through radio, television, film, and documentary that are accessible, filled with wisdom, accurate information, and thorough in purpose, clear in meaning, and exact in intention.


We seek to present God's truth and factual revelation for today's believer in a comprehensive manner.

We seek to make God's Word understandable and accessible, as well as practical and relatable to everyday life and modern understanding.


We seek to reach out to specific audiences through our publishing imprints, specializing in media enterprises desirable and essential for academic and Christian academic growth and for the growth of Christian women and women in general.


We seek to develop the Christian documentarian, film maker, and media host, raising the standard of available Christian productions.

Why we are here


At Righteous Pen Media, it is our sincere desire to produce works that shall be raised up as a powerful standard for Christian believers and bring forth God's revelation to them. We do not seek to produce works that will merely be popular, but produce works that will be received generation after generation for their powerful content and divine revelation.

Light is sown for the righteous

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